Hobby Home likes to offer his customers unique baja 5T with a different option than HPI baja. Every one knows that HPI designed baja but that doesn't mean its the best baja in the market. Our Unique KM Baja comes with 29CC Zenoah ( Japanese engine ) while HPI is chung yang 26cc ( Taiwanese engine ) our KM baja gears are metal and different ratio than HPI. Our Gears provide excellent torque and speed for both road and off road users. The racing Carburetor in our KM Baja is welbro WT990 which provide smooth power band while the HPI one is normal carb WT668. The Exhaust is DDM version while the HPI is normal one



The engine is 29 cc zenoah with excellent torque and top speed. The 29 cc Zenoah is considered one of the best engine over the world . You can notice after few minutes losing torque with Chung young engine which comes with original hpi baja but with zenoah the power band will hold almost the same.



Our KM baja comes along with shock filters , engine filer & pull start filter. To provide maximum safety to the engine and other valuable parts




The  exhaust is ddm design and it provide excellent power beside to the nice look 



Our KM Baja gear is metal and the ratio is chosen by me owner of hobby home to provide excellent torque and top speed 



The Clutch is from the same manufacture of hpi red spring clutch and it can hold 9000 RPM and provide good power to the car 



The carburetor is welbro 990 and its the last racing carb for small block engines. It helps to speed the flow of air and gas 



The remote is 3 channel and works on 2.4 Ghz . The range of hobao remote is almost 200 meters which cosnider excellent distance comparing to hpi remote and it has built in fail safe system too 


To keep up with those long runtimes, a high capacity, long lasting, 4800mAh Ni-MH rechargeable receiver pack comes standard from the factory. It comes prewired with a separate charging lead for easy access charging with the included wall charger for that ultimate all-in-one package!

NOTE: The battery comes with all hpi baja is only 3000mAh Ni-MH